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Lauris Freibergs was born at 7 am , on 14th February, 1981 in Priekule, Liepaja District, Latvia. He lived there up to the year 1983, when the Freibergs moved to live to Grobina. He is the third son in the family.two more sisters were born later. There are 5 children in his family.

Lauris’ horoscope sign is water carrier, which says that this sign is giving, unyielding to reach the aim, a gentle sign, ready to help, selfless. It never tells lies or cheat, keeps the promise. In his childhood Lauris was very shy and quiet.

Lauris’ first competitions took place in Priekule in 1988.He participated there with a specially made moped, and to a big surprise he got the 3rd prize. Lauris represented Grobina motoclub then.
That was the beginning of his career.

Lauris is 11 years old and the local newspapers write about him: “ … undoubtful leader of the club, a real talent… “

Years: 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

1992 – 3rd prize in Latvia Championship in class 50 ccm.

1993 – 10th prize in Latvia Championship class 80 ccm (riding CZ make motorcycle).

1994 – 2nd prize in Latvia Championship stadium cross and 4th prize in the classical cross class 80 ccm (foreign technology being acquired).

1995 – Championship class 80 ccm. First European contests.

1996 – Lauris takes part in both classes 80 ccm and 125 ccm. Joint work with Andris Barbelis, the coach. 1st prize in Baltic Cup and Latvia Championship class 80 ccm.

1997 – races in classes 125 and 250 ccm. Latvia vice-champion title and 3rd prize in Baltic Cup class 250 ccm. Races in European and World Championship racetracks. The biggest achievement is getting into Poland racetrack final of the World Championship (not a single sportsman was able to get into the final class 250 ccm for more than 20 years, but the 16 year-old youth from Grobina make Latvia flag wave in the world competition).

1998 – Lauris participate in class “OPEN”. Successful races in European and World Championships racetracks (He is the 16th in one entry in Poland racetrack). One of the dreams come true – Latvia champion in class “OPEN”! “Freibergs is writing the history of Latvia” – this is what the journalists write about Lauris’ races. Latvia National team participant in Nations motocross in Foxhill, England.

1999 – Latvia champion in classical and supercross class “OPEN”. European vice-champion in class “OPEN” – the biggest achievement of the season. As well as successful races in World championship racetracks.

2000 – the most successful season in his career. European champion title in class “OPEN” – the first one in the history of Latvia. A stunning success in class 250 ccm in Italy GP, World Championship – the first points (16) in the world! The amount of points was successfully added up in Czeck, Belgium and Slovakia racetracks. He is the 25th in the World Championship overall with 23 points in total. Thanks to his successful race in Nations motocross in France, he helped Latvia team to get the high 16th prize among 30 teams.

2001 – Lauris is among World motocross aces, because good trainings have spent in Spain. He managed to get even in top-ten in the World Championship. A winning in the Belgium Championship Enduro race. 18th place in the Worlds Championship Classification.

2002 – This season had to be take-off for the World Championship. A beginning was good – 10th place in Holland’s Grand Prix. 11th place in Spain. But then a fall in Italy. Broken knee’s crosswise bonds. Most part of the season he had to pass. Nevertheless Lauris participates in Nation’s motocross in Spain on October and helps for Latvia to win 13th place. In the World Championship Classification he is 20th place.

2003 – On January trainings were in Spain. But at one of the training’s ramps he got affected from wind and landed unsuccessfully. He got injury of the head (2 days in coma) and broken jaw… Nevertheless after a month Lauris participates in World Championship first stage in Spain Bellpuig track – the same place, where he got injured. Acquired a first point. The best World Championship result was in 9th stage in Lierop – 12th place. 28th place in Moto Grand Prix Classification.

2004 – The start in the international crosses came good. We constructed new system of access to World Championships MX1. They don’t want to allow participate in a first stage, because Lauris isn’t in a team. But after discussions they let Lauris to participate in the next stages. Good results didn’t stay away. On May Lauris experienced bad fall in Grand Prix of England. Broken great toe and crosswise link for the knee. With that Lauris had to live along for all remaining season. In spite of that, changeless avalanche of points. 9th place in Belgium’s Championship, but 13th place in the World Championship Classification.

2005 – A season of the year 2005 began with a contract with “Suzuki Kurz” team (Germany). I got number 33, instead of my old 13. The beginning was hard, because I had to get used to my new yellow bike as well as to my operated knee from the winter’s accident. I participated in 30 challenges, from which 8 were in Germany and 17 were World Championship stages. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate in 5 world stages, because I broke my collar-bone in 10.05 Germany`s cross. Rehabilitation lasted 7 weeks… I took part also in Latvia`s challenges in Ape, where I won.
Best World Championship`s result was in Holland – 12th place in first ride. In the MX1 season classification I have 25th place, and in the International Championship of Germany – 7th place.

2006 – The season started with not so good results. Neither bike, neither we made ourselves properly ready for moto fights. In a middle of the season we improved our situation, and so the racing went better. Results became happier. In Championship of Germany I stepped to honorary pedestal for many times, and above all, in the final, after 8 stages, I became vice champ of Germany in the MX Masters class.  
The best of World Championship was in Italy – 14th and 12th place. In total classification of stages I was 10th. Most best results I showed in sandy track of Holland – 14th and 8th place for rides and for a stage – 9th place.

2007 – A season of 2007 started not very good, as it happens with any new thing. New team, new bike, new mechanic, as well as other new people around all this. I’m quite experienced, but always there are things that are new and different. Also there was that shoulder injury at season beginning, which stood in way to ride normally for 2 months. But I handled it and in a middle of the season I could ride more valuable. Most successful world championship stages took place in Belgium and Holland, where I got 13th and 15th place in rides accordingly. In the MX1 World Championship Classification – 28th place. In Holland championship, after 6 stages I achieve 8th place. But, in a middle of all that, I participated in 4 championships of Latvia. I showed good results in Cross of Nation in America, where both rides I finished in top 20th and helped team from Latvia to achieve the high 15th place.

2008 - Pre-season trainings start in Spain, together with Van Beers team riders. The first practice matches were even unexpectedly good and successful. In the World Championship in Spain in a very muddy track, wins 10th place.
Mid-season’s back injury restricted from participating in the World Championship’s last six stages. Standing with 22 points resulted in 31st place.
Barely recovered from the back injury, he represented Latvia in the Motocross of Nations in England, where he was 16th.
During the season, he took part in the Dutch Championship. After four stages won and held 3rd place. However, in the one before last of Championship’s races he got a severe leg fracture.
Eleven years participated in the World Championship’s the most prestigious class. Decision – to discontinue the professional career.
Decided to train Latvian moto riders, as well creates the Supercup Championship series.

2009 – organizes and also participates in Supercup competitions and wins Mx Pro class, gaining the Supercup title.
Well-organized competitions. They bring together a lot of sportsman, spectators and supporters.
Participates in all three stages of Latvian Championship and wins this year's National Champion title in MX1 class.
For the first time in Latvia takes place the World Championship in MX1 class. Lauris also takes part, and wins the high 16th and 14th place in rides.
Represents Latvian team in Nations Cup in Italy, where he helps Latvian team to get 17th place.
Lauris continues to improve Super Cup series process for the year of 2010.

2010 - Lauris continues to organize Super Motocross races, as well as are taking part in those. At mid-season competition in Ape, Lauris falls and brakes his collar bone. After the operation, it took a few days, and Laurie are rising again on the motorcycle to participate in the competition and continue the fight for the Super Cup Champion. He also manages to become MxPro class overall winner.
Also participates in the World Championship in Ķegums MX1 class. In second final ride he finished as 16th, but severe judges stripped of this position, as measured his motorcycle's exhaust volume, which turned out to be a bit too loud.
Also Lauris participates in several international competitions in Estonia and Lithuania, which derives Top3 results.
Participates also in Motocross of Nations in America, where he helps Latvian team to get the 17th place.

2011 – Lauris Freibergs begins his season of 2011 in winter with starts in skijoring races, as well as participates in competitions of motocross class without studs. Lauris starts in skijoring for the first time in his motocross career, and manages a good debut.
Lauris organizes the Super Cup competitions and also participates, becoming a triple champion in Mx Pro class, and obtains the Degree of Master of Sports.
Starts also in the Lithuanian championship and for the first time wins the Lithuanian Championship in Open class.
With recognized results Lauris starts in the World Championship with MX1 class in Latvian Grand Prix in Ķegums and MX3 class in Finland.
Lauris is one of the three best riders of Latvia and Latvian team representative in the Motocross of Nations, which took place in September in France. Latvian team got 22nd place.
During the season starts also in international competitions in Estonia and Latvian.

2012 – Lauris` first race in Enduro race "Lauma track" in the beginning of April. Snowstorm, but on its home track L.Freibergs wins 1,5 hour ride.
Followed by "Baltic Sea Challenge Cup" in Ķegums in 04/14. In prestigious "MX Open" class totals he was at third place.
In late May Grobiņa celebrates its town festival, where L.Freibergs receives the nomination "Honorary grobiņnieks" for long-term and successful operation in motocross.
In the Supercup of Motocross Year standings Lauris has 2nd place in MxPro class.
Latvian Championship in MX1 class - 3rd place.
Motocross of Nations takes place in Lommel, Belgium in 09/26. Already 12th time Lauris represented the Latvian team in the Motocross of Nations. In teams assessment Latvia obtained high 14th place. Lauris - most successful of the three Latvians in the Motocross of Nations.

2013 – mainly participates in the Baltic-wide major motocross competitions. The Supercup Motocross MxPro class season standings has 4th place. Latvian Championship MX1 class – 4th place.

2014 – in the Latvian Championship motocross in the first phase, Aizpute’s track has already two Freibergs – father and his son Uldis, in the small 50cc class. Lauris' son initiates the motorsport.
In Supercup motocross MxPro class Year standings Lauris has 2nd place.
In Latvian Championship MX1 class standings has 5th place.
This season Lauris starts also in Lithuanian Championship where he represented "MS Motorsport" team. 2nd place in the season standings.

Lauris is engaged in motorcross races since the age of 6. He spent 28 years with wide variety of achievements. Lauris makes a decision to discontinue his active motocross course. Continuing by giving his knowledge forth by training other Moto riders. Motocross is cool !!!